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Okay, so here's a rough summary about me and my music. I started making music at the age of 3 when my father gave me my first lessons on a 3-stringed viol, an instrument that was mostly used in Baroque music. He later convinced me to switch to the more modern Cello and join a local orchestra. I roughly remember taking some piano lessons as well but I didn't start actually writing songs until way later when I picked up the guitar while I was on vacation with my father.


He introduced me to the open chords and picking patterns of Irish Folk music and I became addicted. Not to Irish Folk music itself but to the idea of being able to play and write so many songs with just a few chords. So in a lot of ways you could say I became a singer/songwriter when I was about 15ish. However I barely ever performed live as a solo artist, I usually valued the rock band setup a lot higher, which is why I ended up playing and singing in local bands such as Calling Billy, Open Fuse and Jacks in Boxes.


2017 was a massive turning point in that regard, as it marks the beginning of a time where I focused entirely on writing my own material and finishing some songs such as Lucky One, Heureka! or even Pina's Lullaby that had been lying under the desk for ages. These songs are now featured on my current EP "Burn After Listening" that I released in April 2017. 

I went for a very basic style without a lot of production thanks- in part- to my low budget and the fact that I wanted it to accurately represent what I could bring to the stage. Think of it as a business card that I was able to hand out to people.

Now that I've gotten a lot of feedback on that EP I want to shift my focus a bit away from that simplicity and make use of a larger variety of instruments, so I'm really looking forward to showing you some of that material later this year.

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